Five trends in China's garment industry

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??? And 1990s and the garment industry over the past decade two different large-scale development in recent years, the new trend of Chinese apparel industry has shown the following main features:

1, capital boost industry consolidation

????In the China National Garment Association Executive Vice President Jiang Heng Jie will appear next to be started in the industry, perhaps not a brand war, not a price war, war is not a channel, but the capital of war. According to his analysis, the future of the garment industry in the "fission" and "fusion" in the transformation pattern. "Crack" refers to the market, the industry is further broken down; "poly" refers to the capital, resources, and further to the advantage of corporate gathering. With market segmentation from the further concentration of the brand, category refinement of the field will have to integrate the road, the clothing brand intensive, group-oriented development is an inevitable historical development of the apparel industry.

??? Garment industry, the new round leap of capital will become bigger boosters. Next time, companies will no longer be limited to product competition, competition level, but the overall strength of the contest between resources, capital is king, and capital consolidation is coming, the future of the enterprise will be faced with integration and integration issues.

??? In fact, the traditional clothing in the fashion industry, casual, outdoor equipment and other specialized category of business, and positioning a clear network of direct sales apparel company, has been affected by IDGVC, Sequoia Capital and a number of international venture capital firms. In the current round of development of garment industry, the professional experience of the clothing brand, will be in the capital have helped push the trend of rapid expansion and complete the listing, even on the process of internationalization, fashion plate number of listed companies will rapidly increase.

2, the expansion of Internet sales channels

??? The clothing business, network marketing mean? 2008 PPG experienced by the clamor for a moment to disappear, to stimulate a lot of apparel companies. Longer term a new e-commerce, Internet sales of clothing have also been spending more and more penetration into the layer. When a small number of Taboo sellers get close when the pours, more clothing companies, brands trying to figure out how to make better use of network platform. Network channels, channel construction and garment industry has become a new trend.

??? Today, many clothing companies are in the network to seize market share, but it was a start, is still at the exploratory stage. But at this stage is the most suitable way of traditional channels and network channels will be integrated, while the use, improve efficiency, each other, complement each other, and increase overall market share.

3, into the era of chain

??? In today's rapidly changing competitive environment, the brand manufacturers and their suppliers, distributors, channel partners and consumers are getting closer. Single enterprise will shift to competition between groups, competition among enterprises. Enterprises must be a different path, joining a group of companies, this group can be a multi-national corporations, it can be a chain of brand portfolio, "joined forces, with strong dance," is the path to victory.

????In the point-brand brand consulting agency chief military planners what it seems, Chinese clothing company's core competitiveness is precisely the optimal allocation of resources, optimize the industrial chain integration. As the garment raw materials, textile technology and production base, personnel structure, financial operations, information distribution asymmetry clothing, not the most optimal allocation of resources, the priority is how to optimize the industrial chain.

???? Experts said the industry chain management thinking is "a strategy based on collaboration, it is the cross-enterprise business operations together in order to achieve the shared vision of market opportunities." And product quality, efficient and whether the operation depends on the level of gross profit enterprise supply chain management and process control capabilities.

???? Similarly, Chinese clothing brand competition between the individual and the individual has been transformed into industrial chain and the competition between the industrial chain, clothing companies and their supply chain, other supply chain and collaboration between the docking will become even more important. Chinese apparel industry has entered the chain era.

This chain era of competition, mainly in three aspects

???? First, the core competencies complement each other and optimization. To build a strong supply chain, means that professional and division of labor, each member must join one of the highest quality strategic and cooperative partnership, and this the best, it means that you have in your area, has unique advantages , the core competitiveness and ability to control. Only such "excellent + excellent" system combination to be able to make the supply chain is strong.
???? Second, the rapid response.
???? Third, the effective coordination of the cooperation partners. In an ideal collaborative supply chain network, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers to dynamically share information and work closely toward common goals develop. To achieve this effective coordination, one needs the supplier's brands continue to control and management; Second, brands need to take the initiative to control some of the core aspects of the supply chain and business success of the operation of the system itself is copied into these areas and experience the third is the brands and partners need to establish a common and effective implementation of collaborative planning.

4 Experience is king
???? A new generation of consumers seeking a more personalized experience to meet such needs, clothing companies will pay more attention to the environment and quality of service shop, including shop fitting, display the structure of goods, services, personnel, image, temperament, attitude and so on. In recent years, the flagship clothing store model as a breakthrough, "sales" of a single function, and give it more interactive platform, has gradually become the very strength of the brands are keen. Zara, Uniqlo, Bin Bao implemented "4S" experience museum model is one such example.
5, ocean blend
???? In recent years, more and more famous European and American fashion designer of the domestic market, the major luxury brands have been first-tier cities in China, not only that, ZARA, H & M, GAP and other fast fashion brands have entered China, the trend information in East-West high-speed transmission, making the West more resources for the design used in China, Eastern and Western popular elements of the high degree of integration has become a typical Chinese garment industry, a major feature.


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